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Welcome to Cheshire Damp.

Welcome to the online home of Cheshire Damp, we are based in the Wirral, however are very proud to have damp proofing projects across the region. Cheshire Damp has built its reputation on quality of service, always ensuring our clients are not only well informed but also experience the best value for money as possible.

The team all understand that your property is more than likely going to be the single largest investment in make in your life time, with this in mind the team are well trained to identify potential damp issues and advise accordingly. Many of the onsite property visits we do, simply ends with some helpful advice and guidance on how to reduce the potential damp issues.

Damp Proofing Services.

Damp proofing protects your property from potentially thousands and thousands of pounds with of damage and should be considered before you actually see the negative effects of a damp issue around your property. Cheshire Damp have a number of solutions we can use to form a protective barrier around your home, without compromising on the appearance or structure of your building.

As a specialist team in every aspect of damp proofing and property protection and insulation we can be relied on to provide each and every customer with the finest standard of service. Each skilled and knowledgeable team member is vastly experienced and consistently delivers workmanship that is second to none. We have implemented a highly competitive pricing structure with no compromise on the quality and efficiency of project completion.

Our selection of services encapsulates all elements of home structural protection, improvement and preservation. We are specialists in damp proofing as well as many other services that successfully treat the effects of water and moisture damage as well as provide preventative future measures. We provide stellar condensation treatment, wet and dry rot treatment, penetrating damp, rising damp and plastering and re-plastering services. We also offer a high-quality paint finish service, tiling work, kitchen and bathroom installations, basement projects and garage conversions.

We are fully equipped to carry out the most demanding and complex of projects and we strive at all times to deliver the most outstanding final results. Our customers are important to us and we go out of our way to ensure they receive the best possible services from us at the best possible prices. We offer free and complete quotes without obligation and we are always happy to discuss all aspects of potential projects to help customers make informed decisions that they are happy with.

If you are still unsure about whether or not Cheshire Damp can solve your damp proofing issue, then please do get in touch with the team, who are always happy to answer any questions. Remember all our work is quality guaranteed with lots of local examples of our work, available on request.

Cheshire Damp Services:

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As a family ran business our standards of service delivery are second to none, with all work quality guaranteed and inspected on completion. The quality of our work is never compromised, the team will inform you before, during and after completion of the project on their activities to ensure you understand the steps that have been taken to ensure your property stays damp free for as long as possible.

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