Damp Proofing.

If you have found the Cheshire Damp website then we assume you have the unfortunate event of finding or suspecting the signs of a damp problem at your home or property. Cheshire Damp have a team available that can visit your property and find out the reasons for your concern and also offer possible solutions to the damp proofing issues. Damp can be caused by many different factors, and can also effect your property in different ways.

Often referred to as rain penetration, penetrating damp affects many properties. It is usually caused by the fact that water has been permitted to penetrate the property in question. It is a common problem in buildings with solid wall construction and cavity wall construction, if the walls were initially unsuitable for cavity wall insulation or if the insulation itself has been insufficiently installed. Additionally, mortar obstructions and incorrectly positioned wall ties can also allow rain to pass through a cavity wall.

The signs of penetrating damp can take some time to show themselves. Things to look out for include localised dampness. This presents itself as blotches on internal walls. Plaster will show signs of damage such as stains, deterioration and the blistering of the paint and plaster. Mould will appear on interior decor, moss will grow on exterior walls and moisture within brickwork will cause clear surface damage.

We can provide an all-encompassing service that both treats and offers prevention of damage from penetrating damp. We offer all customers informative consultation and advice and all competitive quotes are supplied free and without obligation.