Rising Damp.

Is your home or property suffering from the effects of rising damp? No need to panic at this stage until the cause or even if it is rising damp is identified. The Cheshire Damp team are available to visit your home to carry out an onsite inspection of the effected area to understand the scale of the issue at hand.The onsite visit is part of our service and incurs no charge to the potential client, even if you decide not to employ Cheshire Damp, we still do not charge a call out fee.

Once the team have established the cause of the rising damp issue at your property, we will then highlight potential solutions with yourself and explain the benefits of each solution. On some occasions it turns out that is all that is needed is a little bit of helpful guidance and advice on how best to reduce moisture levels at your home.

The benefits from our rising damp solutions can also protect your home to a certain degree from other types of damp damage, from penetrating damp to condensation issues. The team will describe the benefits of each solution and how they can protect against a number of issues in more detail in any site visit we carry out.

Rising Damp occurs in buildings when water rises through the bricks and mortar and it is one of the most common problems faced by home-owners. High internal moisture levels within the home can potentially cause health problems as well as lead to costly repairs and replacements. Any unprotected structure has an inherent susceptibility to rising damp but this does not have to be the case as the installation of professional damp coursing provides masonry structures with high quality protection. We are a skilled and experienced team and we offer our valued customer base professional and affordable damp coursing.

When water seeps into a structure it continually rises in search of evaporation. Our damp proof course involves the installation of a horizontal barrier that serves to block the rise of moisture from the ground. The DPC acts as a shield and protects the masonry above. There was a time when slate was used to tackle the presence of water and moisture but this was eventually replaced with synthetic materials as they provided superior results. We carry out all work with due care and diligence and all installations are executed with efficiency and adherence to industry best standards.

We regularly undertake damp proofing projects in a wide array of properties. We focus on supplying an optimal service regardless of project demands and we are happy to offer an obligation free consultation free of charge. Please call or email our friendly team with all enquiries